First of all, Introducing Techlusive

1 month ago

*taps mic* *clears throat*….

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the (non) ecosystem, I want to introduce to you our new baby, Techlusive.

The African tech ecosystem is one still in developing stages, and despite this, it leaves a lot to admire. It has experienced the rise of very innovative start-ups which are addressing real problems in the continent. Now, this is where we (Techlusive) come in.

As a platform, we hope to highlight these start-ups and the problems they solve. Doing this in a very creative way that’ll relate with the common user on the street, and trying to put a smile on faces (of readers with not-too-much problems). You know some people’s problems are more than our sense of humor.

Our “TechPill” editions which would be highlighting these start-ups would come up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:00am (GMT+1) each day. Asides this, we’d cover tech news, do interviews with startup founders and anything else you want us to do.

Note: If you’re a startup founder, and want to sponsor any of our TechPill editions, READ THIS.

So in essence, we want to contribute our own quota to the tech revolution that is taking over Africa.

Please I have an issue with readers that don’t (plan to) share our “TechPill” posts. Why would you take your “pill” and not recommend others to do so? 

You don’t want them to get better? Selfishness!

While we are, check back on Monday (9:00am) for your first “pill”. We hope you like it, and share it too.


Much love, 

Daniel A. 


Daniel Moses

I write, and eat much.

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