TechPill: This is the only tech company (model) that can make Nigerian youths “go back to the farm”

1 month ago

So this is my (your) first pill on Techlusive and I’d try not to bore you. If you get bored, pick up your hoes and cutlass and go to the farm. Thing is, you might not get to know the startup that’ll make that – farming – very seamless and easy for you. So you better not get bored.

Well, the Nigerian government and even every nominal citizen (and our beer drinking neighbours too) have been calling and rooting for the country’s return to agriculture. How the country left its love is alien to me in the first place. Oh! I remember. It found a new lover – oil – whom were not going to spare a thought for today.

But wait, how do I carry my B.Sc degree alongside hoes and cutlass to the farm? Wouldn’t the load be too much? My hands sef would be too full with my degree to drive one heavy tractor like that. Now what exactly does the government want me to do? As for me and my house, we would keep away from “idoti” (look the meaning up yourselves).

In the midst of these all, people secretly long for how to participate in agriculture without participating in farming. Yes, there’s a difference. See: Farmcrowdy.

Farmcrowdy is an AgriTech startup that connects farm sponsors to farmers. Onyeka Akumah (founder) once had the desire to invest in Nigeria’s agriculture sector but was faced with some problems. One of these problems was finding the right farmers who would do the actual work on the farm. So to address this, he created Farmcrowdy.

To be candid, I do appreciate the impact of technology on various sectors in the country. With Farmcrowdy, you can sit back in your house, use your smartphone to invest and buy farm units, NOT go to the farm, and at the end of the planting season, you get returns on your investments. Isn’t that genius for a smart, lazy person like you? It sure is.

To further show you how seamless farming could be with this new technology, Farmcrowdy some days back, launched an app for farm sponsors, followers and actual farmers. I can see that broad smile on your face. Lazy bone!

But then…

The last time I took a stroll through the Farmcrowdy platform, the lowest amount to sponsor a unit (poultry) was N96,000. Which led me to wonder how many “average” Nigerian youths, or university students can afford to invest that amount in a venture. Emphasis on AVERAGE. I don’t think they’re very much.

Though Onyeka (founder) argues against this saying students should for now, focus on following farms and know the scope before going ahead to invest when the funds are available.

While I understand his viewpoint, I also think it annuls the calls for students to be enterprising. By the way, investing is best learnt from experience. If I were Farmcrowdy (which I’m not), I’d reduce prices to further suit the average person on the street.

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