Biometrics Security Will Replace ATM PINs, Says CBN

1 month ago

The progress made by biometrics ID in the world of technology is one that won’t stop anytime soon. Following the manner in which the smartphone manufacturers digested and trended the biometrics ID in smartphone production, the biometrics ID has that surety of staying for a long time.

Now, come to think of it, not only the smartphone OEMs are planning to utilize this tech to the fullest but the king of banks in Nigeria has also decided to follow suit. In this regard, CBN plans to implement this security technology in the ATMs.

Speaking at the Electronic Fraud Forum, Dipo Fatokan, CBN’s representative said, “Your [ATM] pin and account details are not supposed to be disclosed to a third person,” adding that illiterate persons and physically challenged cardholders have had to share their debit card PINs in order to make use of the ATM.

The challenge highlighted above could lead to the account owners being defrauded. The switch to biometrics ID usage will effectively help in curbing this challenge – bank fraud asserted Fatokan.

However, the timeframe when this switch will be made hasn’t been stated. Given the expensive nature of this piece of technology, Fatokan asserted that the transition to this system of security technology will take time to process.

Pointing out how secured the biometrics ID will pan out, Fatokan added, “There is no way you can give your finger to a third party.”

This idea is cool and fresh but the question that lies in the hearts of many is, “when will this actualize?” So tell me, what are your views? Feel free to state your opinions in the comment section below.

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