Why does my laptop battery drain so fast? Laptop Battery Guide 2022

Why does my laptop battery drain so fast? Laptop Battery Guide 2021 techlusive.com

Why does my laptop battery drain so fast? How to Keep a laptop battery healthy? This is a common question that is usually being asked. It’s Very common in mostly old laptops with several years old batteries. Anyhow, who wants to run toward the power supply to rescue the dying battery, Right? It’s annoying for everyone.

Any of these can happen to anyone when you do important work or take lectures on your laptop. Moreover, you didn’t expect that your battery would run out soon. Until a message suddenly pops up “Plugin your laptop”.

Many factors can cause battery drain, which will be discussed in this article, along with the solutions to keep the battery healthy.

Table of Content:
• Why does my laptop battery drain so fast?
• Reasons behind battery drainage
• How to Keep a laptop battery healthy.
• Solutions to keep the battery healthy.
• Conclusion.
• Tips


Why does my Laptop battery drain so fast?


Learn the reasons behind the laptop battery draining quickly.

Laptop Battery draining Reason #1:-

The number one cause of battery drain is the programs and apps installed on your laptop, which tend to run in the background. However, it’s also important to note that these same types of software can use up more system resources than you may think! In addition, many apps and programs use the processor and RAM to process and transfer the data, which consumes a lot of energy.

Laptop Battery draining Reason #2:-

The first reason behind the fast battery drain is the peripherals. These include a wireless keyboard and mouse. The items attached to the laptop through the USB ports can be a webcam, printer, or external hard drive. Their use of battery power caused it to drain rapidly.

Laptop Battery draining Reason #3:-

A brighter screen can also cause problems. Because brighter screens usually consume more battery compared to low brightness.

Laptop Battery draining Reason #4:-

Many laptop users have reported that their batteries die when they’re in a hot environment. Why? Well, the reason is that excessive heat drains them fast- so room temperature also matters!

Laptop Battery draining Reason #5:-

Laptops are so portable, but they still rely heavily on electronics. You might not notice it right away – there is a constant drain of power from the battery when you’re using your laptop’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection without realizing it! Un-used or not working connections are silently consuming power, Thus speeding up the drainage process. These connections include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. They continuously consume power.

Laptop Battery draining Reason #6:-

One of the factors that affect battery life is the backlight of keyboards. The backlight of keyboards eats up so much power and can cause your computer to run out, even when it hasn’t been used for a while!

Laptop Battery draining Reason #7:-

Besides, several years old laptops having old batteries are also a problem because they have spent their lifespan. They won’t have the same charging capacity as a new one. So, fast drainage is possible in old batteries.

How to Keep a Laptop Battery healthy.

A laptop battery is a device that provides power to the laptop. It’s important to keep your laptop battery healthy in order for it to last longer and charge better. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Unplug the peripherals:

Don’t use external items that you won’t need. Only try to use the one which you need at that time. If you don’t need a printer or webcam, just remove it. The battery is constantly being consumed by it.

Why does my laptop battery drain so fast? Laptop Battery Guide 2021 techlusive.com

Kill the BackLights:

Turn off the backlights of the keyboard. Especially in the daytime, in the presence of some light source or in idle time, because you won’t be needing it. So, turning it off might be a good idea to save the charging. Also, to help it preserves the health of the battery.

Kill Background Process:

Check out the background process. The app or the program that is running in processes. Kill them from the task manager. Only leave the programs that you are currently working on. Otherwise, it might be a bad idea.
Some programs are preinstalled. In this situation, uninstalling them could improve the battery’s performance.

Why does my laptop battery drain so fast? Laptop Battery Guide 2021 techlusive.com

Give rest:

Using a laptop generates heat which is bad for the battery’s life. It’s good to give it rest and to help it to cool down a bit. Because of heat, it consumes the battery. Trying to provide some time to cool down is a good idea. Using a fan is also an option for cooling.


Check for connections that aren’t in use or not working and address them or turn it off if you’re not using them. Aeroplane mode is also a good option.


Don’t Let it Fully Drain:

The battery tries to plug in before the message pops up. Avoid overcharging, which means that you remove the charger when it reaches 100%.

Battery Health Report:

Keep an eye on the battery performance report for its health. Because with time battery starts to lose charging capacity. Eventually, you have to take the old one out and replace it with a new one.


Adjusting the display and graphic settings might come in handy. Because there are a lot of settings that need to be considered for battery health, like battery saver, you can use the battery performance slider. Use of the option in power mode called “Best Battery Life” will be a great option for battery health.


Now that you understand why your laptop battery drains fast? Also, keeping these points in mind will help you on How to keep your laptop battery healthy.

Things connected to the laptop battery can affect it, so you should be aware of how they impact it. Get a better sense of how the battery is used and how you can address the issues.

Battery draining is very common. That’s why no need to worry a lot, especially when you have an old one.

Along with that, I’ll conclude it by adding some extra tips that help your laptop battery health and performance.

1- Always try to carry a battery backup.

2- Have enough RAM.

3- Plugin Before it Dies.

4- Replace the battery when it gets old to avoid this problem.

5- If you want to save on power and money, then consider an SSD.

Hope you’ll now find your laptop battery lasts longer.

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